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versatile character actor who plays both comedy and tragedy, with a little magic thrown in for good measure. Amanda works in Stage, TV and Film. She also is a voice-over artist, improvisor, comedy sketch writer and magicican. Amanda can be seen on the television show Nip/Tuck - season four as the doctors's first LA patient undergoing eyelid surgery, playing 'Mandy the Nanny' a comic improvisation in Shaunie's Home Court - season two and as 'James's (Gordon Ramsey) girlfriend in

The F Word.

As well as playing a nurse - Mystery ER, a knitting mom - Knit Lite or a  zombie - Edges of Darkness, Amanda also writes and directs comedy. She is a graduate of both the Second City (Hollywood) Conservatory & Directing Programs.

Amanda performed in and co-wrote, 'Sisters from Other Misters' which played in  Cake Batter's Funny Women Festival, Hollywood. Currently a 'Sisters' pod cast is being developed. She is also one half of the two woman improv group - London Calling.


A Bit More about me
Also Known For....
We Bare Bears
What a mess
Teenage mutant nija turtles
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Princess & the Frog
An American Tail - Fievel Goes West
Home on the Range
Training & Workshops

Cool Beans University    |   Standup Comedy   |   Matt More & Corey Craig

Second City Hollywood Training Center   |   Directors Program   |   Doug Morency

The Magic Castle   |   Close Up Magic  |   Dave Thorsen & Mark Wilson

Second City Hollywood Training Center    |   Conservatory   |   Ithamar Enriquez

The Brewery   |   Scene Study   |   Harry Mastrogeorge

The Actor Factor   |   On Camera Commercial Acting  |   Tory Christopher & Tony Hannagan

MJ Lallo    |   Commercial & Animation V/O   |   MJ Lallo

The Actors Workshop  |   Acting technique  |   Hal Sweesy

The Actors Workshop    |   Musical Theatre   |   Christopher Callen

West Surrey College of Art & Design    |   Animation   |   BA (Hons) Degree

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